smaXtec system SX.2

The smaXtec Climate Sensor

Here you will find all information you need to activate and mount the smaXtec Climate Sensor.

On this site you find the following content:

  • Step-by-step guide for activation and mounting
  • Technical details
  • Quickstartguide

Overview scope of delivery


Overview scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the smaXtec Climate Sensor SX.2 includes the following:
  • 1x Climate Sensor
  • 1x Quickstartguide

Safe installation with the Quickstartguide

Use the quickstartguide provided or download it here. Follow the steps described and make sure that you complete them correctly.
Download Quickstartguide
Step 01 / 04

Activation in the smaXtec  Messenger

Ensure that your smaXtec Base Station SX.2 is activated and ready for use before starting the activation of the Climate Sensor.

First, add the Climate Sensor to your organisation in the smaXtec Messenger via “Boluses & Devices”. Use the serial number printed on the side label.

Step 02 / 04

Activation: Establish  power supply

Turn around the Climate Sensor and remove the adhesive strip. Pull off the lid and establish the power supply by removing the foil.

Then, turn the lid around and fix it using the provided screws.

Step 03 / 04

Activation: Observe  blinking patterns

When the device is activated, the two LEDs on the front side first light up in orange and blue. Then, the connection to the Base Station is established. During the connecting process the orange LED flashes every ten seconds.

If the connection is successful, the same LED lights up in green. Afterwards, this LED flashes every 10 seconds when the Climate Sensor is active and connected to the Base Station.

If the connection cannot be established, please ensure that you are within the read-out range of the smaXtec base Station. If the connection still fails, get in touch with the smaXtec customer support.

Step 04 / 04

Position selection and  mounting

Select an appropriate spot for the Climate Sensor. Consider the following aspects:

  • Height: 2.5 to 3 metres (out of reach of cows)
  • Read-out range: up to 100 metres to Base Station
  • Alignment: Has to be mounted vertically
  • Avoid construction elements between Base Station and Climate Sensor that reduce reach
  • Select neutral locations to generate unaltered data (no direct sunlight, no water source close by)
  • Position should ensure air circulation (see picture)

After selecting a suitable position, you can mount the Climate Sensor. You will need three screws. Mount the device in the desired position using a screwdriver.

Important information: If the batteries are empty, you can change them independently. You need AA batteries.

Overview of the possible LED displays

Activated: Connection
is being established
left LED flashes every 10 seconds in orange
established successfully
left LED flashes continuously in green
Climate Sensor
active & connected
left LED flashes every 10 seconds in green

Different blinking pattern?


Different blinking pattern?

If no connection is established, make sure that you are within read-out range of the smaXtec Base Station. If a successful connection is still not established, please contact smaXtec customer support.

Frequently asked  questions

The Climate Sensor measures ambient temperature and humidity and automatically calculates the THI (temperature-humidity index) for you. This value can be used to map the probability of heat stress. If the THI is increased, you will be notified and can immediately take measures to improve the climate in the barn.

There are various ways to calculate the THI depending on the field of application. At smaXtec, we use the following formula:
THI=(1.8×T+32)−[(0.55−0.0055×RH) ×(1.8×T−26)]
Here‘s the source of the used formula

The system generates the following heat stress alerts:
– THI ≥ 72: beginning heat stress
– THI ≥ 78: considerable heat stress
– THI ≥ 82: severe heat stress
Based on the literature-based formula we use to calculate THI, ambient temperature levels have a greater impact on THI than humidity levels. The reason for this is that higher ambient temperatures are a challenge for and can sometimes overwhelm the capacity of the cow’s thermoregulatory system.
Yes, the batteries can be changed independently. The Climate Sensors requires two batteries (size AA).

Technical product sheet

In this data sheet you will find all technical information about the smaXtec Climate Sensor SX.2.
Download product sheet