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The smaXtec Classic Bolus

Here you’ll learn how to initialise and administer the smaXtec Classic Bolus correctly.

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Overview scope of delivery


Overview scope of delivery

The scope of delivery for the smaXtec Classic Bolus SX.2 includes the following:
  • Ordered number of smaXtec Classic Boluses SX.2
  • 1x Quickstartguide

Important note

The smaXtec Classic Bolus SX.2 is exclusively designed for cattle. Under no circumstances may it be used for any other animals or humans. The minimum body weight of cows receiving a bolus is 450 kg when administered by trained staff (approximately 18 months for Holstein cows) and 300 kg when administered under veterinary supervision. If in any doubt, please consult your vet.

After insertion, smaXtec boluses need to settle on the floor of the reticulum as quickly as possible. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the fibrous material in the rumen is not too dense. Therefore, cows should not eat right before bolus application.
Step 01 / 03

Activation: Switching on the   Classic Bolus SX.2

Ensure that your smaXtec Base Station SX.2 is activated and ready for use before starting the bolus activation process.

First, remove the label from the bottom of the smaXtec Classic Bolus. Then, switch on the smaXtec Classic Bolus using the magnet delivered with the smaXtec Base Station.

The bolus starts the initialisation process. It lights up continuously for 13 to 26 seconds. If the bolus then blinks every two seconds, the process was successful.

If the bolus doesn’t show the indicated blinking pattern, ensure that you are within the read-out range of the smaXtec Base Station SX.2 and repeat the process once or twice. If it doesn’t work then, please get in touch with the smaXtec support. Do not administer the bolus to an animal in this case!

Step 02 / 03

Activation: Assigning the bolus   to an animal

After switching on the bolus successfully, start with the second step of the activation process: Assigning the bolus to an animal. This can be done both in the smaXtec Messenger and the smaXtec App. You can either create a new animal in the system or assign the bolus to an existing animal (e.g. that was created upfront via the animal importer).

ATTENTION: The activation process is only completed after the bolus has been assigned to an animal. If the bolus is not assigned, no data or alerts will be generated or displayed.

Step 03 / 03

Bolus  administration

After completing the activation process (switching on the bolus using the magnet and assigning it to an animal), administer the bolus on the same day with the smaXtec bolus applicator.

It takes at least 30 minutes after bolus administration until first cow data will be visible in the software.

Overview of the different LED displays

Bolus starts initialisation
LED continuously flashes 13 to 26 seconds
successfully initialised
flashes every two seconds for 10 minutes
Error during
if the LED does not flash, an error during initialisation occured

Bolus does not flash?


Bolus does not flash?

If the light does not flash, check if you are within the read-out range of the smaXtec Base Station SX.2 and repeat the process once or twice. If the bolus still does not show the correct blinking pattern, contact the smaXtec Customer Support Team and do not administer the bolus.

Safe installation with the Quickstartguide

Use the quickstartguide provided or download it here. Follow the steps described and make sure that you complete them correctly.
Download Quickstart­guide

Details administration process


Details administration process

First insert the smaXtec Classic Bolus into the bolus applicator, with the sensor shaft (the bottom end) at the head. Push the smaXtec Classic Bolus into the applicator in such a way that the sensor shaft comes to rest at the far end of the applicator. Please ensure that the push rod of the applicator is kept flat – the push rod should not press directly on the sensor shaft. This ensures that the smaXtec Classic Bolus is positioned sensor shaft first in the cow’s stomach. With the cow’s head and neck angled in an extended and straightened position you can now administer the smaXtec Classic Bolus. The front end of the applicator must reach beyond the base of the tongue before the smaXtec Classic Bolus is released. Please ensure that the cow does not eat anything for at least two hours prior to administration of the smaXtec Classic Bolus. It is therefore preferable to administer the smaXtec Classic Bolus in the morning before the first feed.
The date on the Classic Bolus SX.2 indicates the production date.

Can I reuse the smaXtec Classic Bolus during its measurement cycle in another animal?

We do not recommend reusing smaXtec Classic Boluses in other animal for reasons of biosecurity. Furthermore, the sensors are not designed for repeated use. If you administer a sensor to another animal we cannot assume any guarantee for correct measurement because of the mechanical influences and change of medium (rumen/air/rumen).
The smaXtec Classic Bolus should be administered within the next few hours. The administration has to take place the same day.
The smaXtec Classic Bolus SX.2 can save data for 6 days on its internal memory. After six days, the oldest data will be replaced by new data.
The battery lifetime of the smaXtec Classic Bolus SX.2 is up to 4 years. During this period of time, all three parameters (temperature, rumination and activity) are measured continuously.
No, all smaXtec Boluses are to be used exclusively for cattle.
In several years of use, no cases of impairment have been reported. The German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – DLG) tested the resistance of the sensor to rumen fluid; and the US Food and Drug Administration approved the sensor after detailed examination.
No, the smaXtec Classic Bolus remains in the reticulum and cannot be taken out.
Usually, it takes about 24 hours until the bolus arrives in its final position in the reticulum. In rare cases, it can take up to 10 days. The bolus then remains in the same position due to its own weight.
The minimum body weight for bolus application for both sensors is 450 kg when administered by trained staff (approximately 18 months for Holstein cows) and 300 kg when administered under veterinary supervision. The limiting factor is the diameter of the oesophagus.
No, the bolus battery cannot be changed.
There are several reasons why the area in which rumination data is normally displayed doesn’t show data and is highlighted in red:
1. The bolus is currently not in the reticulum. The bolus measures rumination activity based on typical movements of the reticulum, therefore rumination activity is only measured when the bolus is located there. In certain cases, the bolus can be ejected from the reticulum and floats in the rumen freely. In this case, the bolus cannot measure the movement of the reticulum correctly. It can take up to 10 days for the bolus to be back in the right place – usually it is much faster. As soon as the bolus is back in place, rumination activity is displayed in the diagram again.
2. The bolus has only been administered recently. The bolus is still in the process of initialisation. Once the initialisation phase is complete, rumination data is displayed.
3. A technical problem has occurred. This prevents rumination data to be calculated.
4. In rare cases, the absence of rumination data, especially after an alert “reduction of rumination”, may also indicate a serious health problem. In this case, keep a close eye on the other health parameters such as inner body temperature in order to be able to intervene in the case of illness.

Technical product sheet

Download the product sheet to find out more about the technical details of the smaXtec Classic Bolus SX.2.
Download product sheet