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The smaXtec Base Station

Here you will learn everything about the activation and mounting of the smaXtec Base Station, the read-out device for your smaXtec system SX.2.

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Overview scope of delivery


Overview scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the smaXtec Base Station SX.2 includes the following components:

  • 1x smaXtec Base Station SX.2
  • 1x magnet with tag (needed for switching on the smaXtec Boluses)
  • 1x power supply (5 m/16,5 ft cable lenght) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable
  • 1x standard antenna
  • 1x antenna adapter
  • 1x mounting plate
  • 1x Quickstartguide
  • Accessories (sealing for power supply, dust cover, grounding cable)
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Activating the   smaXtec Base Station

Inform your smaXtec consultant before installation if you want to establish the Internet connection via GSM (integrated SIM card) or a local router.

If no mobile network is available at your barn, the Internet connection will be established using a PoE cable. In this case, the smaXtec Base Station SX.2 has to be connected to a local router.

Activation in the smaXtec Messenger: Click on “Boluses & Devices” and activate the device by entering the serial number indicated on the side label. Device activation is mandatory: This way, the Base Station will be assigned to your organisation and you will be able to use it properly.

Step 02 / 07

Mounting: Selecting the   right position

  • Consider height: ideally, the device will be mounted in 2.5 to 3 metres height (out of reach of cows)
  • Select position(s) in a way that ensures that all areas cows spend time at will be read out
  • Consider alignment: The Base Station has to be mounted vertically
  • Consider reach: up to 50 metres between boluses and Base Station, up to 100 metres between Climate Sensor and Base Station
  • Avoid construction elements that reduce reach, e.g. steel, concrete
  • Do not mount too close to other electrical devices or systems
Step 03 / 07

Mounting: Prepare   power supply

As a next step, prepare the power supply.
Plug the PoE cable into the OUT socket of the adapter. Put on the sealing kit, then plug the cable into the socket of the smaXtec Base Station as indicated above. Find a video instruction for mounting the sealing kit here.

Information about the adapter:The adapter has two input options:

  • OUT: to establish power supply via PoE cable
  • IN: to establish the Internet connection via Ethernet cable and a local router, in case the integrated Internet conenction via SIM card is not used
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Mounting the  Antenna

In a next step, assemble the antenna. Use the included adapter and mount it as indicated above on the upper side of the Base Station. Seal the antenna with the provided adhesive tape.

Depending on barn size and conditions, other antennas might be used. In this case, your smaXtec consultant will inform you and support you with mounting.

Step 05 / 07

Mounting: Establish  Internet connection

Next, establish the Internet connection. The Base Station comes equipped with a built-in SIM card for automatic Internet connection. If you cannot use the Internet connection via SIM card (e.g. because of poor network coverage or local restrictions), you can connect the Base Station via Ethernet cable to a local router. In this case, connect the Ethernet cable as indicated above with your adapter, using the input IN.

After activating the smaXtec Base Station and establishing the Internet connection, it can take up to 15 minutes until the device is online and visible in your organisation in the smaXtec software.

Step 06/07

Option A: Mounting on a   wooden wall/beam

Ideally, you’ll mount the smaXtec Base Station on a wooden wall using screws. You need 4 screws and a screwdriver. First, mount the mounting plate on the wooden wall. Then, you can hang up the smaXtec Base Station.

Fix the Base Station on the bottom side using the provided screw. When the Base Station is properly mounted, you can establish the power supply.

Step 07/07

Option B: Mounting on a   steel beam

Alternatively, you can mount the Base Station on a steel beam using hose clamps. First, fix the hose clamps on the mounting plate as indicated in the picture above. Then, mount the plate at the selected position on the steel beam. Connect the grounding cable to the Base Station. Afterwards, you can hang up the Base Station on the mounting plate and connect the grounding cable as indicated in the picture.

Using the grounding cable is mandatory if the Base Station is mounted on a steel beam. After connecting the grounding cable, fix the Base Station on the bottom side using the provided screw.

After finishing all steps correctly, you can establish the power supply.

Safe installation with the Quickstartguide

Use the quickstartguide provided or download it here. Follow the steps described and make sure that you complete them correctly.
Download Quickstart­guide

Reset Base Station

In some cases it is necessary to reset the Base Station. To do this, it is sufficient to press the reset button for one second (not longer, several times, …). If the button is pressed too long, the Base Station switches off. This can be recognised by the fact that the LEDs on the Base Station no longer light up.
In the video you can see how the reset of the Base Station works.

Yes, a permanent connection to the internet is needed. It can either be established via the built-in SIM card or by connecting the Base Station to a local router.
Please inform your smaXtec consultant before installation how you want to establish the Internet connection. If no mobile network coverage is available at your barn, the Internet connection will be established via PoE cable. The Base Station SX.2 will be connected to a local router.
The number of required Base Stations SX.2 depends on barn size and conditions. The actual number will be determined with your consultant directly on the farm.
We are not aware of any problems in connection with other devices. As we comply with all legal standards and regulations it is highly unlikely that interference problems will occur. There are no interference problems with magnets.
The smaXtec Classic Bolus Bolus as well as the smaXtec Climate Sensor SX.2 are battery-powered and do not need external power supply. The smaXtec Base Station SX.2 has to be mounted close to a power socket.

Download technical product sheets here:

In this product sheet you will find all technical information about the smaXtec Base Station SX.2.
Download product sheet