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smaXtec System SX.2

Installation guide and first steps for SX.2

Here you get an overview of the different smaXtec devices. For step-by-step instructions and detailed descriptions of the installation or activation processes of the individual devices, please click on the corresponding device name. You will also find a brief overview of the steps to be followed when using smaXtec solutions for the first time.

Overview of the necessary devices and components of the smaXtec system SX.2:

Step-by-step  installation guide

Step 01 / 04

Activating & mounting the Base Station(s)

Follow the steps described in the Quickstartguide and start by activating the smaXtec Base Station directly in the smaXtec Messenger. You need an active smaXtec account before activation. Activating at least one Base Station is necessary before activating smaXtec boluses and Climate Sensors.
Step 02 / 04

Bolus activation & administration

Activate the boluses as indicated in the Quickstartguide (switch on with magnet, assign to an animal in the software) and administer the boluses the same day. It takes at least 60 minutes after activation until first cow data is visible in the software.
Step 03 / 04

Activating & Mounting the Climate Sensors

Then, activate Climate Sensors according to the instructions in the Quickstartguide. By positioning several Climate Sensors in the areas where cows spend a lot of time you can react earliest possible in case of heat stress.
Step 04 / 04

Data access in the smaXtec Software

After correct installation of the smaXtec Base Station, activation and administration of boluses and installation of Climate Sensors, all measured data will be automatically transmitted to the smaXtec cloud. You can access your cow and herd data easily in the smaXtec Messenger and the smaXtec App.

smaXtec Help Center

Do you have questions about using the system? In the help center you can find all the answers to questions about the usage and daily operation of your smaXtec system.
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Useful  documents

These documents are intended to provide you with the best possible support for the installation and daily use of the system.

Download technical product sheets here:

Base Station

Download product sheet

Classic Bolus

Download product sheet

pH Bolus

Download product sheet

Climate Sensor

Download product sheet

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