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The smaXtec pH Plus Bolus

Here you’ll learn you to initialise, calibrate and administer the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus correctly.

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The smaXtec pH Plus Bolus is exclusively designed for cattle. Under no circumstances may it be used for any other animals or humans. The minimum body weight of cows receiving a bolus is 450 kg when administered by trained staff (approximately 18 months for Holstein cows) and 300 kg when administered under veterinary supervision. If in any doubt, please consult your vet.

Video guide: Bolus activation

In this video you can see the steps necessary to activate the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus SX.1. You can also scroll down and check the illustrated step-by-step instructions.
Important  Note

Make absolutely sure that the bolus has been activated correctly. If activation was successful, the LED will blink to indicate that the bolus is ready for use. Under no circumstances should you administer the bolus if the blinking pattern is incorrect,, as it will not measure any data. Once boluses are administered, they cannot be withdrawn and activated.

After insertion, smaXtec boluses need to settle on the floor of the reticulum as quickly as possible. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the fibrous material in the rumen is not too dense. Therefore, cows should not eat right before bolus application.

Step 01 / 03

Preparation of the   pH Plus Bolus SX.1

First, remove the label from the bottom of the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus.

Pour the buffer solution pH 7.00 into a narrow container (please note minimum filling level) and remove the sponge from the sensor tip.

Step 02 / 03

Initialisation and  calibration

Next, start the initialisation process by holding the magnet delivered with the Base Station onto the marked point on the bolus. Fast flashing (each 0.5 second for the duration of 1 minute) indicates that initialisation has started.

Then, place the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus into the container sensor head first and gently shake it. Calibration of the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus takes at least 5 minutes. During this time the LED starts to repeatedly flash three times in succession.

Step 03 / 03

LED blinking patterns, assignment  and bolus administration

After successful initialisation and calibration, the LED flashes every two seconds for a period of 30 minutes.

If the LED flashes very rapidly (every 100 milliseconds), initialisation has failed. In this case, contact customer support and do not administer the bolus.

After successful initialisation you can first assign the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus to an animal, next administer it to an animal using the smaXtec bolus applicator.

Note the animal identification next to the serial number on the provided list or assign the bolus directly to an animal in the smaXtec App or Messenger. You can either create new animals or select from existing animals in the system (e.g. uploaded via animal importer). Afterwards, you can administer the bolus. Ensure that only successfully initialised boluses are administered. After at least 30 minutes from bolus administration, you can access the first cow data in the smaXtec software.

Overview of the different LED displays

successfully activated
flashes briefly every
0.5 seconds
successfully initialised
flashes every two seconds
for 30 minutes
Error during
flashes very rapidly (every 100ms)
for 30 minutes

What should you do in case of an error during initialisation?


What should you do in case of an error during initialisation?

Contact the smaXtec customer support. Do not administer the bolus!

Safe installation with the Quickstartguide

Use the quickstartguide provided or download it here. Follow the steps described and make sure that you complete them correctly.
Download Quickstart­guide

Video tutorial: bolus administration

In this video you will see what points to consider when administering smaXtec Boluses. You need:
  • a smaXtec bolus applicator
  • a marker or spray

Please note that it is essential that the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus remains in the provided pH 7.00 buffer solution after calibration until administration.
For biosafety reasons we do not recommend to re-use boluses. smaXtec rumen boluses are not designed for reuse. If the bolus is re-administered, we cannot guarantee the correct measurement due to the mechanical influences and the change of medium (rumen/air/rumen). This also applies to rumen-fistulated animals.

Details administration process


Details administration process

First insert the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus into the bolus applicator, with the sensor tip at the head. Push the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus into the applicator in such a way that the sensor tip comes to rest at the far end of the applicator. Please ensure that the push rod of the applicator is kept flat – the push rod should not press directly on the sensor tip. This ensures that the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus is positioned sensor tip first in the cow’s stomach. With the cow’s head and neck angled in an extended and straightened position you can now administer the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus. The front end of the applicator must reach beyond the base of the tongue before the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus is released. Please ensure that the cow does not eat anything for at least two hours prior to administration of the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus. It is therefore preferable to administer the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus in the morning before the first feed as otherwise there is a danger that the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus can become blocked as it drops down into the reticulum.
The shelf life from date of manufacture is 18 months.

Can smaXtec pH Plus Boluses be initialised first and administered at a later point in time?

Yes, but make sure the smaXtec pH Plus Boluses are kept in pH7 buffer solution until administration. You should administer them within 4 hours.
We do not recommend reusing smaXtec pH Plus Boluses in other animal for reasons of biosecurity. Furthermore, the boluses are not designed for repeated use. If you administer a bolus to another animal we cannot assume any guarantee for correct measurement because of the mechanical influences and change of medium (rumen/air/rumen). This is also applies for cows with rumen fistulas.
We recommend using the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus in 6-10% of the herd. The other animals receive the smaXtec Classic Boli for monitoring of calving & heat detection and individual health status.

Technical Details

Download the product sheet to find out more about the technical details of the product.
Download product sheet