smaXtec system SX.1

The smaXtec Climate Sensor

Here you will find all information you need to activate and mount the Climate Sensor.

On this site you find the following content:

  • Step-by-step guide for activation and mounting
  • Technical details
  • Quickstartguide

Overview scope of delivery


Overview scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the smaXtec Climate Sensor SX.1 includes the following:
  • 1x Climate Sensor
  • 1x Quickstartguide

Video tutorial Installation Climate Sensor

In this video you will learn which steps are necessary for the installation and mounting of the smaXtec Climate Sensors.
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Activating the   Climate Sensor

Activation in the smaXtec Messenger: Navigate to „Boluses & Devices“ and activate the device using the serial number on the side label. Name the Climate Sensor according to its position at your farm, e.g. dry cow barn.

Activating the device is necessary so the Climate Sensor will be assigned you organisation and can be used properly.

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Mounting: Selecting the   right position

  • Consider height: ideally 2.5 to 3 metres height (out of reach of cows)
  • Consider alignment: The Climate Sensor needs to be mounted vertically
  • Select neutral locations to generate unaltered data (no direct sunlight, no water source close by)

  • Consider read-out range: up to 50 metres to Base Station/Repeater
  • Avoid construction elements between Base Station and Climate Sensor that reduce reach, e.g. steel or concrete
  • Do not mount in a closed storeroom (transmission problems)
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Switch on   with magnet

Use the magnet delivered with the Base Station to switch on the Climate Sensor. Hold the magnet in front of the On-/Off symbol on the bottom left side of the device. The power LED glows in yellow for one second and starts connecting to one of the read-out devices.

If the connection is successful, the Power LED lights up in green for 3 seconds. If the connection fails, the LED flashes 5 times in red. In this case, please consult the user manual for more details.

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Mounting &   final setup

Follow these steps to mount the Climate Sensor:

  • Use the screws and wall plugs provided
  • Lift up the plastic panel
  • Use the drill template provided to drill mounting holes
  • Mount the Climate Sensor. If it’s mounted on wood, the screws can be used on their own. If it’s mounted on a wall, use the wall plugs additionally.

Switching off the Climate Sensor: You can switch the Climate Sensor on and off at any time using the magnet. Simply hold the magnet onto the On/off symbol again. The LED glows in red for 3 seconds, then the device switches off. You can switch it on again anytime the same way.

Safe installation with the Quickstartguide

Use the quickstartguide provided or download it here. Follow the steps described and make sure that you complete them correctly.
Download Quickstartguide

Download technical product sheets here:

Base Station

Download product sheet


Download product sheet

Climate Sensor

Download product sheet