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Tips & Tricks

On this page, you will find videos explaining useful functions in the smaXtec App and the smaXtec Messenger. Watch the videos to explore and benefit from further features! With these tips & tricks, you will make your daily work even more efficient.
Tag function in the smaXtec Messenger
In this video, we explain how to set tags for each of your animals in smaXtec Messenger in order to find them faster in the smaXtec App.
Filter function in the smaXtec App
In this short video you will learn how to filter your cows in the animal list as well as the different task lists of the smaXtec App. This allows you to keep an even better overview.
Archiving animals in the smaXtec App and smaXtec Messenger
An animal has left your farm and the smaXtec bolus has to be be deactivated? In this video we will show you how to archive an animal in the smaXtec App and smaXtec Messenger and thus deactivate the bolus.
Data sharing in the smaXtec Messenger
Learn how to share data with others such as your vet, employees or family members in this video.