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With the smaXtec App, you can access your cow and herd data anywhere and anytime.

On this site you can find the following content:

  • Information about the structure of the smaXtec App
  • Tips and tricks for use, e.g. the diagrams, actions available offline or the serial number scanner
  • Information about updates
  • Functional overview app & messenger in comparison

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Structure of the   smaXtec App
Here you can find details about the different sections in the app, which you can access in the navigation bar.

Task list

The task overview includes the following to-do lists.
  • Health
  • Insemination
  • Pregnancy
  • Dry-off
  • Calving
  • Feeding

By clicking on one of the lists you get an overview of the cows for which an action is required. You can go directly to the cow profile by clicking on a message.

Animal list

The animal list gives an overview of all cows and enables the following actions:
  • Filtering by selected criteria
  • Group actions (for example, move to other group, inseminations)
  • Adding animals to the watchlist


Put animals you want to keep a closer eye on on the watchlist and keep the perfect overview with the help of the comment function.
In the cow profile you can view and edit animal data and get an overview of events and messages per lactation. You can change the group, put the animal on the watchlist and add an event directly in the animal profile. In addition, you access the diagram in the cow profile. If you want to archive an animal, this is possible when editing the cow data.

Lactation history

The lactation history shows the different lactations of the animal as well as the corresponding smaXtec notifications and events. In the smaXtec App, you can easily add events such as heats, inseminations, drying-off to the lactation history.

You can add the following events in the cow profile as well as in the corresponding to-do lists:
  • Add heat
  • Add insemination
  • Add pregnancy check result
  • Add dry-off
  • Confirm calving
  • Add abortion
Cow and lifecycle data can now be edited in the cow profile at any time. In addition, actions in the Animal list, the To-do lists and the Watchlist can also be carried out offline.
In the To-do list as well as in the Animal list and Watchlist actions can be taken for several animals simultaneously. Simply select the affected animals and perform the desired action, such as changing groups.
With the app, you can also quickly and easily add new animals. The scan function makes the process much easier for you: You can scan the serial number directly from the bolus using your mobile phone camera. Then, you assign the bolus to an animal that has already been created upfront (e.g. via the data importer) or you create a new animal.
You can select which curves are to be displayed in the diagram. To do so, go to the menu by clicking on the three dots in the diagram navigation and select or deselect the desired values. For example, you can view only the current temperature values without distraction.

For better clarity, individual days in the iOS app are alternately highlighted in white and grey. In the Android app, the days are separated by a dash. So you can see at first glance for which day or for how many days you are currently viewing curves.

The settings are saved on your mobile device, which means that the next time you call up a chart, the last selected curves will be displayed.

For a better overview, you can also view charts in the horizontal format of your smartphone. In addition, you can now navigate from message to message using arrows and no longer have to scroll to do so.

Caution: Make sure that the orientation lock on your smartphone/tablet is deactivated.
The guided tour starts automatically when you open the app for the first time. You can restart the guided tour for individual areas at any time via Menu – Tutorials.
We are continuously working on improvements and further, useful functions for you. Therefore, there are updates for the smaXtec app from time to time.

We will inform you about important updates via email. Depending on your settings on the mobile device, these updates are performed automatically or manually. To ensure that you receive updates, please go to

” smaXtec App in Google Play Store for Android

” smaXtec App in the App Store for iOS

Here you will be presented with one of two options:

Update: If you do not have automatic updates enabled on your phone, please click Update.
Open: The app has already been updated. You don’t need to take any further action and have the option to open the app using this button.

You can find here for more information on app updates for Android & iOS and use the guide to change your settings if needed.

Messenger & App in comparison

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