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Here you'll find all relevant information about our dashboard. It provides you with essential details about your herd at a glance & enables you to take the necessary measures.

The dashboard consists of three blocks: the action list, the health status block and the fertility status block. You will find detailed information about each block below the graph.

An overview of the smaXtec dashboard including the three areas action list, health status and reproduction status

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Action list

On top, you have your total number of cows, the number of lactating cows and dry cows at a glance. The graph below shows the number of lactating and dry cows over one year – this enables you to see how the number of cows in each group changes over time.

Next, you have 4 types of action that can be taken:

  • Insemination
  • Check for pregnancy
  • Dry-off
  • Calvings

By clicking on each item, you will get to a list containing more details. In each list, you can search for cow names and ear tag numbers. If you want to go deeper you can also open diagrams directly.

Details about action types:

Insemination: This list contains all animals with a detected heat within the last 36 hours that should be inseminated. It provides you with information on the lactation day, the cycle length since the last calving, the number of days since the last insemination and the number of inseminations since last calving. You can directly confirm if the insemination has been carried out in the list.

Check for pregnancy: This list contains all animals 40 days after insemination which do not have a confirmed pregnancy. In this list you get a detailed overview of the lactation day, days since last insemination and days since the last heat. You can directly confirm a pregnancy or indicate that a cow is not pregnant in this list

Dry-off: This list contains all animals that are between 80 and 40 days before calving. It provides you with information on the lactation day, the group and the remaining days until calving. After drying-off the animal you can confirm dry-off directly in this list.

Calvings: This list contains all animals which are going to calve based on their expected calving date or show signs of imminent calving. In the list you will see information about the lactation day, the date calving has been detected and the expected calving date. You can directly confirm if calving has taken place in the list.

Health status

This column provides you with all relevant health information about your herd. On top, you can select the animals you want to be informed about: The categories preset by us are as follows:

  • Whole herd
  • 0 – 21 DIM
  • 21 – 150 DIM
  • 150 > DIM
  • Heifers
  • 1st lactation
  • 2nd lactation
  • > 3 lactations

The diagram will give you an overview of health alerts for this week (-7 days until today) and last week (-14 days until -7 days). By scrolling over the icons, you will see the number of alerts given in the different categories.

Below, you will find a more detailed overview of health alerts. The following alerts with the number of concerned animals will be displayed:

  • Check health (containing all animals that require your attention as they had a health alert within the last 24 hours. By clicking on “Check health” you will get more information such as the lactation day and the type of alerts given within the last 24/24 – 48 hours)
  • Suspicious fresh cows (containing all animals < 30 DIM with a health alert in the last 24 hours)
  • Drinking status (containing all animals with a drinking alert in the last 24 hours)
  • Temperature increase (containing all animals with a temperature increase alert in the last 24 hours)
  • Temperature drop (containing all animals with a temperature decrease alert in the last 24 hours)
  • Drop in activity levels (containing all animals with a clear drop in activity levels in the last 24 hours)

The following alert will only be displayed if you use smaXtec Premium boluses for pH-measurement

  • Risk of SARA (all animals which had a risk of acidosis within the last 24 hours)

Fertility status

Here, you’ll get an overview of your cow’s reproduction status. First, you’ll see a comparison of the reproduction status today and three months ago (number of open cows DIM >200, open cows 200 > DIM > 100,  open cows 100 > DIM > 30, fresh cows, pregnant cows and cows without any lactation entries).

Next, there’s a graph showing the average days from calving to conception and calving to first service over the last months.

Below there are again categories which will lead you to detailed lists when you click on them. The categories are:

  • Fresh cows (DIM <30)
  • Open cows, containing all animals that are not pregnant and DIM > 30
  • Pregnant cows
  • Suspicious cycle, containing all cows that have an estrus interval of less than 18 or more than 26 days
  • Cows not in heat, containing all animals with DIM > 50 that haven’t been in heat so far
  • Probably barren, containing all cows with DIM > 200 that are not pregnant

Depending on the chosen category, different pieces of information will be displayed in the lists. Here’s an overview in alphabetical order:

  • Cycle length (days between estrus, current cycle length in bold)
  • Days pregnant
  • Days since last heat
  • Days since last insemination
  • Group
  • Health alarms (0-24h)
  • Health alarms (24-48h)
  • Inseminations since last calving
  • Lactation day

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